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How to start your Yoga Journey

by Danica Dalao 08 Jan 2021 1 comment

It's never too late to start your goals! If one of your resolutions this year is to start your yoga journey, here are a couple of ways you can get started.

A couple reminders, you do not need to be super flexible to start! No matter what your goals are within yoga, you should love every moment and the process of becoming a better you. 

Self taught (pre-recorded online videos) or attend classes (live online classes due to restrictions)?
If you're not comfortable about being around other people, teaching yourself through online videos may be a great way to start. You'll be within the space you're comfortable in and you'll notice yourself becoming more confident as you consistently practice. As you start to progress, you may want to consider asking experts for help, so you can reach new levels to your yoga practice.

Find a good mat
Not every mat is going to work the same for everyone. This may take time, but always do a lot research to find what mat will work best for you.

There is a huge benefit when it comes to using accessories. A yoga block and a strap may be the best to start with as you work towards your splits or helping you work on leverage and reaching new heights.

Joining an online community
There is an uplifting, welcoming community online, especially with the power of social media. Yoga challenges can be a great way to find your community worldwide and can benefit the growth of your practice.

Stay dedicated and consistent.
Everyone's journey is different. Set goals and challenge yourself. You never know where this journey will take you.

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