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How to get back into the gym after Quarantine

by Danica Dalao 12 Jun 2020 0 Comments

As Quarantine is coming to and end in many countries, states, and cities across the globe, gym doors are beginning to open up to the public! Most of us have endured a long 2-3 months off of the gym, this puts you in a spot to be very detrained, especially if you have been skipping out on the home workouts! We have put together a little guide on how to get back into the swing of things after a long time off! 


Warming up 

Make sure to warm up! your body will be going under a lot of stress it is not used to when you start training after a long break, this will increase your chance of injury. To help prevent this, make sure to warm up, and cool down well when you are arriving/leaving the gym. 

Will I lose strength? 

All of this time off is going to have a big effect on your strength gains, you need to ease into the gym. Pushing too hard too early will result in disappointment in how much strength you lost and possibly injury. A way to go about this is to start using about 60% of the weights you are used to using! This way you can slowly add weight every session as the weeks go by! 

What type of split should I use?

Despite what type of workout routine you follow regularly, an upper/ lower body split may be the best way for you to get accustomed to weight training once again! This is due to the fact that you can work each muscle group 2-3 times a week when running an upper/ lower split! 

Day one all of your lower body would be engaged and on the following training day you would have all of your upper body under the same stimulus! 

How long will it take me to get my gains back?

It might not take as long as you think! This all depends on how you behaved on your quarantine, did you do any bodyweight workouts? Did you eat relatively healthy? These factors will help determine how long it'll take for you to get your gains back! Even if you did not stay strict on your time off of the gym! Try out some of these tips and you will be back in your gorrive faster than you would think! 

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