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by Andres Rodriguez 11 Feb 2021 0 Comments

As the gaming world is exponentially taking over, we want you to be prepared for when you spend countless hours gaming with your friends or watching your favorite streamer. So here, we will list the best outfits to wear while you are trying to win a 1 v 1 in Warzone or trying to keep it cool while in the midst of a spike plant in Valorant.

Apollo Tank

Every athlete needs their trademark style, and for our gamers we recommend the Apollo Tank. With a sleek “Jed North” logo on the chest and free fitting armhole cut, this tank will become an essential piece for gaming. A bonus, it comes in 4 different colourways so the only hesitation should be if you like the blue or the black better. For those streamers looking to look good on camera for your followers, we recommend pairing this with spirit joggers to complete the look.

Iconic Hoodie

We highlighted this in the New Arrivals article, but are opening the conversation again… the comfiest hoodie you ever wore? Your answer will be yes… again. So, it only made sense the Iconic Hoodie made this list. If you are living in Canada and need that extra layer to keep those fingers clicking or even in LA and the A/C is blasted to battle the California heat, this hoodie will help you keep warm and competing at the highest level. To top it all off, this hoodie comes in 4 different colourways, comfort comes in all colours!

Spirit Joggers

To give you some options for the bottom half of you. As mentioned before, the Spirit Joggers are a great compliment to the Apollo Tank or the Bliss Crop Top, but they are also the most versatile Joggers on the roster. If you decide you do need a break, and want to hit a home workout, no need to change the Spirit’s got you! Pair them with any tops in our men’s collection and you’ll be looking good and playing good. For the men and the women, they come in a variety of colours!

Honorable mentions

Hades Joggers, Renegade Joggers, Bliss Crop Top

To sum it all up, we highlight comfort in all of this. We want our gamer to have the best experience in every aspect of gaming. For more “fit” inspiration, head over to @jed_north and @jednorthwomen on Instagram. You might be catching some Jed North on Twitch too…

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