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Five EFFECTIVE Moves to Tone Your Abs

by Craig F 02 Feb 2018 0 Comments

So we all know a flat belly is made in the kitchen – but what about toned, strongly defined abs to show through your Jed North Fishnet Hoodie?

“You want to make sure you are hitting all muscles of the abdominals when training your abs. For an hourglass figure, I recommend being careful not to overtrain them, so they don’t get too thick on the sides. Training your abs should be done 2-3 times per week.”


1. Cable Crunches

At your local gym, use the double rope attachment to hold by your ears while kneeling. Slowly crunch your torso all the way down, keeping your lower body still. Slowly return to the top of the movement and repeat!

3 sets of 15

2. Hanging Weighted Leg Raises

My favourite! Using the dip assist machine or captains chair (image below), clench a light dumbbell between your feet and raise your knees up towards your chest in a crunch. This can be done in a medium to fast pace. Crunch out as many reps as you can, then release the dumbbell, and continue another 5 more reps without the weight.

To failure with dumbbell, then 5 more without weight

3. V-Sits

Using any flat bench, sit with feet raised parallel to the floor, and crunch them into your torso making a V shape with your body. Hold onto the bench for support.

3 sets of 15


4. Cable Woodchoppers

Place cable at belly button height. Using a single handle attachment on the cable, stand with feet shoulder width apart, and body about 2 feet away from the cable. Flex core and bring the cable from one side of your body to the other, covering a full 180 degrees around you.

3 sets of 15 (each side)

5. Mountain Climbers

This is a great finisher as it activates the entire core with challenge. In a plank position, quickly bring one knee up towards the opposite side of your chest and back down, switch knees, and repeat as fast as possible.

4 times 30 seconds with 30 second rests


"The key to defined abs is to work them consistently. Training them 2-3 times a week for a minimum of 6 weeks will build and tone them undoubtedly!"


Comment below if there are other exercise tips you're dying to know! 

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