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Debunking the Biggest Fitness Misconceptions

by ASHNA KAPOOR 17 Oct 2019 0 Comments
The Fitness community is a strong community with many avenues to learn information. With the rise of the internet, it has become ever clear that many of the traditional thoughts on nutrition and fitness are myths rather than facts. Here we have compiled a list of 7 of the biggest misrepresentations of advice you may have heard:

1) Do You Need Carbs Or Should You Avoid Them Altogether?

Typically, if you’re not interested in increasing or decreasing weight loss, your best bet is to intake as many calories as you burn. Fewer calories you burn will lead to losing weight. Whereas if you decide to eat more calories than you burn, it will ultimately lead to weight gain. The equation is simple, you need calories to maintain or lose weight. This means, are you typically interested in gaining weight to get into muscular form, or are you on a diet trying to become lean? Either way, in order to change it's all about your nutritional diet. You have to decide on your own, what is your ideal body weight?

2) Are 8 Meals A Day Better Than 6?

In case you're working out twice as much as you're consuming – it can be noted that your body will be able to lose weight on its own. That means, it’s wise to consume smaller portions sizes, however, increase the number of meals to speed up metabolism. The quickest way to lose fat is to practice low carb diets, they will reduce body mass in a shorter period of time. 

3) Will Eating Carbs At Night Make You Fat?

No, this is recognized as a myth! The fact is that it's more important to calculate your calorie intake are the same each day, even if you decide to eat at night. As long as you're remaining active and burning the calories off - it's not going to change your total body mass in one day. However – being dedicated to your clean diet and not eating more than a number of meals in a day, makes the cheat day meals easier. You are less likely to gain body mass if this is outside your routine meal.

4) Is Cardio Essential For Weight Loss?

No, cardio is not the only method for weight loss. It’s combined with exercise and the number of calories we intake in a day. Weight loss actually depends on your diet, being active while maintaining a clean diet will speed up the process. In fact, weight loss can be even more beneficial to health through strength training! It’s recommended mostly because leads to increase heart rate and burn calories. In the long-run, strength training is the better option because of how it affects the lives of individuals over-time.

5) Is Taking Part In A Fasted Cardio The Best Method For Weight Loss?

No, the result states that there is no correct method, which means you get to decide which technique you prefer. The calorie intake as previously stated will return one way or another. However, it would seem wiser to workout with more energy, in order to burn fat for weight loss. Overall, it’s really important to make sure you’re burning more calories than you’re consuming.

6) Lightweights And high Reps Helps You ‘Tone’
"When Cutting, It’s Best To Lift Lighter Weights For Higher Reps"

Considering how the media is shaping our minds, the “toned” look is what has driven people to make fitness a huge part of their lifestyle. However, to achieve this drastic toned look of “progress” requires muscular development and lowering fat percentage. Research shows, the best method to getting to this toned look is to engage in “Regular Hypertrophy” also known as the Lean Muscle Building. The training is based on challenging muscles overtime while eating in large quantities to support muscle growth. Calories play a large part in shaping the body’s build, over-time consume fewer calories than you’ve burned to remove most of the bodies fat to reveal lean and toned muscles.

This is not exactly true as when it comes to weight training, there’s not exactly any training method to spot-reduce certain body areas, no matter how much you target them. This means there is no exact justification on how to tone your muscles better! It’s the same effect as using lighter weights with more reps to gain more muscles. There’s no difference between how you weight train. Similar to the last few myths, a crucial role in how to improve your progress in the gym? Make sure to keep track of your previous workout to the next, to see how much you’ve improved.

7) Is It Best To Only Train Each Muscle Group Once A Week?

Growth doesn’t really happen if you train one body part once a week, rather it seems to be inefficient and draining. The Canadian journal of applied physiology recommends targeting each muscle group 2-3 times a week and split the volume overtime for every workout. In another research study by “The Journal of Strength & Conditioning Research,” it found that subjects who split their training into 3 days per week would achieve greater strength than those who trained only one day per week, had only 62% in strength. The volume was matched between the two groups. The reality of fat loss and muscle growth is consistency.

In general, if becoming active in the fitness and wellness community is a new concept to an individual - it's easy to get caught up in the lies. It's always important to participate and ask questions! Don't be afraid to speak up because most likely at the same moment, others are probably wondering how to go about the same issues. 

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