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Arnold Winners Recap

by Ikroop Khanna 09 Mar 2020 0 Comments

Another year at the Arnold and new champions are crowned. 

Despite the expo being canceled the hype was still there. In the Men's Physique division Two-time defending champion Andre Ferguson won his third straight title! former Olympia champ Brandon Hendrickson hoped to derail him but fell short. IN the Classic division it was certainly a tight race towards the finish. We had a three-way battle for first place; Terrence Ruffin, Steve Laureus, and Alex Cambronero were all battling it out, Alex Cambronero came out victorious. As for the main event; the favorite going into the weekend was William Bonac. He came out victorious and 50-year-old Dexter Jackson came second in his last season as a pro.

Arnold Men's Physique:
















Winner – Andre Ferguson

Instagram: @luckylibra213

Division: IFBB Pro Men's Physique

Turned Pro: 2014

Height / Weight: 5'9 / 195 lbs.

Location: New York, NY USA

Andre Ferguson topped a stacked field of 28 competitors to win the 2018 Arnold Classic Men’s Physique division for the biggest win of his career.  Since turning pro in 2014, Ferguson, known for his phenomenal symmetry, has won an impressive ten shows and has taken second place five times.

Ferguson was always into bodybuilding but wasn't so sure about competing.  With the help of a friend, they did a couple of shows together without really dieting and did surprisingly well.  A couple of natural athletes, both ended up turning pro a year later.

Ferguson likes to train on his own now.  He enjoys turning on some music and as he puts it, “getting lost in the weights.”  Very goal-oriented Ferguson likes motivating himself by setting goals, focusing all his energy on them until they’re accomplished and moving on to the next.   

Arnold Classic:


















Winner – William Bonac

Instagram: @william_bonac

William Bonac is an IFBB Professional Bodybuilder and USN international ambassador. He's worked extremely hard to build the physique he has today. He prides himself on his confident, down to earth attitude. This mental approach has taken him all the way to the Mr. Olympia stage.

Born: May 18, 1982 (age 37 years)

Division: IFBB Pro Bodybuilding

Turned Pro: 2012

Height / Weight: 5-7 / 235 lbs

Location: Netherlands

Elisa Pecini

Division: IFBB Pro Bikini

Instagram: @isapecini

    Turned Pro: 2016

    Height / Weight: 5'6 / 117

    Location: Brasil

    IFBB bikini competitor who has earned victories at events like the 2016 South American Open Expo and the 2017 Tampa Pro

    Arnold Classic Physique:

    Winner – Alex Cambronero

    Instagram: @fello_cambronero

    Division: IFBB Pro Classic Physique

    Location: Miami, FL USA

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