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Why you need to be barbell squatting

by Danica Dalao 18 Apr 2020 0 Comments

When discussing strength training, the barbell squat is almost always at the forefront of the conversation. As the king of the leg exercises, there are few movements as effective for building mass, strength and power. Because squats are so taxing and difficult, many trainees skip it, and instead choose to substitute for another easier leg movement. 

If you’re truly serious about making progress in the gym, you should definitely consider adding and prioritizing barbell squats for your workouts!  


Little to no exercises can compare when we talk about the engagement of muscle groups in a moment. When performing a squat optimally, the individuals; quads, hamstrings, glutes, hips and core are all activated and engaged. This is huge when we speak about overall leg development. 

The Squat is also great for generating overall strength and conditioning in the muscles involved, When you are squatting there are stabilizer muscles activated that wouldn't be on the leg press or any other machine. A common misconception is that squats are bad for the knees, many studies have actually shown that squatting with good form is good for strengthening the stability in your knees. Because of this, squats may actually help prevent injuries you may get from sport.

Barbell squats are for you, whether you are looking to take your leg training to the next level, get more explosive for sports, or just want a fun and effective workout. You can rely on them to take you to that next level. Add these to your next leg day and watch your leg strength multiply.


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