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A Trip Down Memory Lane

by Nathalie Russell 13 Aug 2020 0 Comments
In light of Jed North hitting a brand-new milestone turning 5 years old this month, we’ll be taking a look at how far it has come as a brand and the evolution of the clothing! The brand has come so far in the past 5 years especially with the clothing. There’s so much history to dive into whether it’s the brand-new editions each season or the reinvented styles there has been tremendous growth through the years.
The very beginning of it all. 2015 was the year Jed North first launched. It started with staple items such as our classic stringer and microfiber stringer that have become so much of a hit that we still sell it to this day!
This was the year of growth. We wanted to make an impact in the fitness community and introduced new items such as our hoodie stringer, v- necks, fabric mix workout tops, and so many more items! These unique items set the tone for all the creative and stand out items that were sure to come in the future.
The year Jed North Women was born! In 2017 Jed North Women was finally added to the Jed North Brand. It started with one of a kind items that were ahead of its time. Some unforgettable items include our one shoulder sports bra, galaxy and abstract leggings, and dash zip-up sports bra.
This year was all about growth in the fitness community for both men and women. There was an expansion of items that would make an impact on sturdy, comfy activewear. Both the men’s and women’s line grew to follow new and upcoming trends in the fitness worlds. The Women's lines released their fan favourite Supple Seamless Set and the Men’s line came out with their well-known graphic stringer collection.
The year of athleisure! Jed North started broadening out to more casual and athleisure clothing in 2019.  Both Men's and Women's released new comfy and casual athletic wear that can be worn inside and outside of the gym.
This year has been all about denim. Both the Men’s and Women’s line has dived headfirst into casual wear and denim. New releases such as the Cipher Distressed Jeans and Athena High Waisted Jeans has taken the athleisure world by storm.
Overall, there have been so many old school favourites and new editions to love throughout the years. Jed North has come so far within the past 5 years; we can’t wait to see what the future holds. Happy birthday Jed North here’s to 5 amazing years and many more to come!  
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